Small Business Line of Credit

Small Business Line of Credit

Throughout the United States every year, there are thousands of new small businesses starting from the ground up. Every business owner has a common goal, and that is to make money. Making money is not always easy starting from scratch, so it is beneficial to look for sources of start-up business credit.

Lack of Finances

Small business owners often face the roadblocks to success that have caused many new businesses to fail throughout the years. The primary reason for this is a lack of finances. A lack of money can hinder a new business from competing with older established businesses due to not possessing the proper equipment, supplies, or other resources which can enable them to take advantage of new opportunities.

Don’t Miss Out on Opportunities

Money making opportunities such as government contract bidding and large local projects requiring specialized equipment can be a frustrating thing for the entrepreneur to see go by the wayside. Some large opportunities only come once in a lifetime, and millions can be lost without the equipment to get the job done. That is where unsecured business lines of credit can be a very valuable resource.

Benefits of a Small Business Line of Credit

Unsecured business lines of credit are much like conventional business loans from a bank, but you can use the money only when needed. The definition of unsecured is defined by the fact that there is no collateral required in obtaining the credit line. It is almost like a credit card line but only better. Credit card debt can spiral a business into financial trouble with the extra high interest rates and penalties created with late payments.

Even so, an unsecured business line shouldn’t be taken lightly and needs to be used only if there is opportunity to profit. It is still credit. However, keep in mind that with an unsecured business line, the threat of personal property being repossessed is non-existent. This is obviously a good thing.

One of the major benefits of an unsecured business line for a business start-up is the speed at which the line is funded in comparison to a traditional loan based on collateral. This is because of the fact that there is significant time saved in the fact that a property appraisal is not necessary. However, the speed of financing can also depend on the FICO score of the business owner. Of course, if a business owner has bad credit, then it is necessary to have credit repair which can slow the financing process down.

All in all, an unsecured line of credit can be a valuable resource to the new business owner. Used wisely, the money made available through this unique form of business financing can grow a fledgling business exponentially. So if you are a small business owner, don’t go to the local bank for a traditional collateral loan or end up running up huge credit card debt. Seek out a unsecured business credit line for your initial source of financing. You will not be disappointed.


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